A 360 digital + social campaign for Honey Sesame Chicken Breast.

Honey Sesame Chicken Breast was a limited time offering Panda Superfans go nuts for every year. For the very first piece of the campaign we commissioned @mundobax, the original creator of the rice sign trend, to announce its return.
A big part of the campaign revolves around NFL tight end George Kittle. In the following videos, George Kittle is a motivational speaker and he attributes his sweet success to Honey Sesame Chicken Breast and finding "The Sweet Spot."
Then we continued to ride the motivational theme with scrappy #PandaMonday Motivations.
It's not a Panda Express campaign if we don't give away free food and waive delivery fees.
Also, I got to design some official Honey Sesame swag that can be purchased on That was really cool.
Some spoken word about Honey Sesame Chicken Breast? Yep.